Christy Wittmer and Julia Sebastian have collaborated on a conference presentation and studio work. Their work centers on the ability of surface and texture to captivate and move the viewer to sensitively consider their physical and subjective relationship with the material world.

Wittmer and Sebastian revel in the formal play of contrasting and colliding surface treatments, saturated and soft colors, slick and dry exteriors. The interest lies in how texture formally articulates the power of aesthetic attraction and the need for attentive investigation and deliberation.

In our collaborative installation, we hope to create an environment that takes a finely crafted object and explodes it into a room enveloped in pattern, texture, and color. Our intention is to create an environment that places the viewer inside of the ornate plates, into a real space that is delicately layered with rich color and patterns, shifts in scale. We want to make a space that can be autonomously traversed in ways that physically extend and exceed the potential of fine art objects.